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Caber Grab & Go Unit

Say goodbye to mediocre grab & go coffee!

Our new “To Go” unit has been purpose built to our own design, to create a true Barista experience in the Grab & Go market.

More specifically, the unit has been built around a coffee machine, but not just any coffee machine, a perfectly specified EGRO Next – one of the fastest, most flexible, most reliable and highest quality commercial bean to cup machines available on the market today. Unlike the mainstream branded units which are all about fancy screens, basic internals, slow delivery and hugely expensive consumables, we’ve focused on quality – from initial perception, unit build & construction through to finished drink – and delivering increased profit margins on every cup you sell, there’s no more cripplingly expensive branded beans, cups and sugar portions. Add in industry leading reliability and fewer breakdowns simply means more days serving, boosting your profitability even further.

From the minute you set eyes on our unit you can appreciate that this is several leaps above the competition… from the extremely durable I-Max doors, floor and shelves to the stunning oak-laminated etched side panels, every touch point feels unbelievably hard wearing and special, because it is. And then there’s the coffee…

The EGRO inside uses the latest technology to monitor every single espresso, constantly adjusting the grind to ensure consistently excellent drinks. There’s two grinders meaning that BOTH regular and decaff drinks are standard! The 22g brew chamber easily makes strong and flavoursome drinks up to 16floz. We’ve included, as standard, the powder module which, when filled with our hugely popular own-label chocolate, delivers velvety mochas and luxurious hot chocolates. Warranties can be extended to give you full peace of mind and routine servicing PLUS, with our own team of factory-trained engineers, we GUARANTEE same or next-day service response. Quite simply there isn’t anything like it in any other to-go unit from anybody else. The drink quality will ensure that customers make a bee-line for your machine time and again, not just because it’s a convenient cup of Joe…

And that’s not all! We can help you source and fit a card reader so that the unit can be completely self-service. We have other options that include 2 milk types, you can add cold milk foam, if you want! It’s been purpose built to ensure minimal staff intervention with a standard grounds eject bin underneath and, what’s more, there’s a built-in drain tank so you only need to supply mains water and power. We’ve thought of everything!

Maybe the best bit? We can brand these with your own logo. And we’re more than happy if that’s the route you want to go down. With each unit being purpose-built you can choose the colour of your doors, shelf & condiment unit, create your own brand for the signage and side panels, we’re here to help!

If you’d like to know more please contact us for loads more information or to book an appointment with our sales team to view our unit in our Aberdeen offices. Coffee for convenience has changed, time to experience it for yourself.