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Caber Coffee's favourite machine, the Egro One, is at the cutting edge of fully automated coffee machines.

Its advanced Swiss technology and patented brewing system guarantees the best coffee and reflects the level of ingenuity that goes into making Egro machines. Capable of delivering huge daily coffee volumes the EGRO is both reliable and affordable.

Specifying your new Egro ONE is something we thoroughly enjoy and we're ready to help you with. The range of options you can have is huge and thinking about your specification carefully will mean you end up with a truly outstanding piece of equipment - from self adjusting grinders through to the self-service kits, we're here to help.

Not only is the Egro compact enough to be used almost anywhere, its ergonomic design and graphic user interface elevate it into the realms of being a joy to use.  48 programmable drink options are available with this meaning it offers the most variety of any coffee machine of its type.

The clever illuminated drinks delivery area has differing colours to represent different modes making for quick, visible status reference which is ideal as this machine has amongst the highest drink output rating on the market.

Download the Egro One brochure above or give us a call to find out how you can add specifics to this machine.