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When in the catering and hospitality industries, your requirements from a coffee machine may vary from the traditional espresso machine where part of the enjoyment is savouring the aroma of the coffee as it trickles its way to the ultimate 'pick me up' or the rugged good looks of the bean to cup machines where time and space are of the essence.

Hospitality and Catering

You need speed and volume on top of quality and taste and this section is full of solutions for the busier drinks dispensing units.

  • Decaff Espresso Pods: High quality decaff espressos that pack a flavour punch in seconds. Designed to be used with minimal fuss, these make the perfect espresso quickly and simply without any compromise on flavour. Both single shot (7g) and double shot (14g) are available.
  • Soluble Coffee for Vending: The best quality and choice at the best price. This range is so versatile we recommend you give us a call so we can suggest the right option for you.
  • Coffee Tins: A very popular and cost effective way to enjoy great coffee. Our extensive range includes firm favourites such as Nescafé and more exotic flavoured Fairtrade options.
  • Coffee Sticks & Sachets: The hospitality industry runs on these and it's easy to see why they are the choice for hotel rooms across the country when they combine flavour, ease and mess free serving in handy, individual and great value portions. Our Cafe Etc. Range says more than we ever could about this great product.

We understand we have given you a lot to choose from, why not download details of our full product range and peruse it at your leisure over a hot cup of coffee. In fact, give us a call and we will be more than happy to join you and discuss your every coffee need.