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With a history steeped in luxury and stretching almost as far back as that of coffee itself, is it any wonder that we keep coming up with new ways to perfect the ultimate hot chocolate?

Chocolate Drinks

The choice of topping is of course up to you, we can merely offer our expertise and make suggestions like 100% chocolate flakes or sweet and crunchy fudge shrapnel; but one criterion for a truly amazing hot chocolate that must be adhered to is a good quality chocolate base.

If your taste buds are suitably tantalised, may we suggest you download our catalogue to view our full product listing which includes the following:

  • Chocolate sauce: A thick, rich sauce ready to be mixed with hot or cold milk to give a smooth, even finish and velvety texture. Try combing with some hazelnut or mint syrup for that je ne sais quoi.
  • Chocolate powder: This versatile product can be mixed into a paste, combined with hot water for ease and even used as a topping. We stock a number of ranges including Zuma, Cadbury’s and Fairtrade and will definitely have something to suit your taste and budget.
  • Chocolate sprinkles: Top off your masterpiece with these high quality chocolate shavings, they taste equally good resting on top of a foamy cappuccino.
  • Hospitality sachets: Enjoy the best hot chocolate wherever you are with single use sachets from Fairtrade and Café Etc who also offer individually wrapped chocolates as a little added extra.
  • Vending chocolate: We offer a full range of chocolate powders plus the vending equipment for the quickest and easiest hot chocolate you will ever make.
  • Zuma White Hot Chocolate: Made with a blend of cocoa butter and milk powders.