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Like most things in life, you get out of your machine what you put in, so it is for this reason and to guarantee your business and customers the best value for money, that Caber Coffee offers expert tuition and barista training for those with traditional espresso equipment.

Barista Training

Exclusively for our wholebean coffee customers! Over a two hour period, a member of our team will teach a maximum of four staff the art of the perfect coffee, the importance of the grind, the texture of the milk and how to tell when the milk is at that all important temperature to complement the coffee base and not scorch it.

The training session is conducted using barista tools and samples from our very own range of premium quality coffee beans. Each trainee will be given a personal certificate and a handbook for reference upon completion of the course that summarises and reiterates the points made during the session. Plus, if Caber Coffee currently supplies your coffee, each trainee will get a free barista apron.

Once confident with how to make an array of beverages, trainees will be shown how to clean and care for the coffee machine plus how to spot signs of wear and tear. Caber Coffee offer full maintenance packages as well as consultation on additional barista equipment to benefit you and your customers.

Training prices start from only £80.00+VAT per head* and we can accommodate your working day by offering training slots at your premises between 8.30am-5pm, Monday-Friday. Call us today on 0845 302 4600 to arrange your Barista training session and find out how Caber Coffee can help you get the best from your beans and budding baristas.

(*Applies to premises within 1 hours driving time from Aberdeen. Should the training or travelling require more time this will be charged in quarter-hour periods at the rate of £50.00+VAT per hour.)

For more information on our Barista Training at the Caber Coffee School - please visit